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Baby Sienna

A photo of my cousin Natasha with her baby daughter Sienna. What a beauty.

Andrew Edmunds

Graham, an old friend from prep school came over from Dubai for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Met up with him and his lovely girlfriend Rebs for dinner out in town. I went out to Dubai to see Graham back in April this year: it was the first time I'd seen or spoken to him for 15 years. Superb trip.

From left to right: Graham Rule; me; Rebecca Minert; Tori Taylor; Hector Bruce.


Van & Martine came into town on Saturday for Martine's birthday. Went to Sarastro, an opera-themed restaurant near Covent Garden for dins (see my review on linked website). Pretty average food.

Will & Emma stayed in the Savoy (bastards). Went back for night cap. Read two bottles of Verve Cliquot, four bottles of white, twelve beers, total tab £300. Good fun, especially as Heps and Will managed to fit in a naked circuit of the Savoy dining room at 4am. Definitely one for the CV.

Hepburn and I got involved in a bit of Grecko-Roman on Will & Emmas bed, to the disgust of Emma but delight of Hepburn, as he got me in a submissive strangle hold. Also managed to give Van a wedgie. Amusing.

A grainy picture taken on my phone of Hepburn on his naked lap round the dining room of the Savoy Hotel in London at 4am on 25th September 2004. Great stuff.

The Earl of Kimberley

Read this obituary that was published in The Telegraph a couple of years back. Unbelievable.

Proms in the Park

Me, with my trusty Weapon of Lash Destruction, at the Proms in the Park last weekend


Finally got round to installing ADSL in my flat in Pimlico and am keen to got my Blog back on the road. Though looking back over the last year, my writing is crap, so don't expect Shakespeare. And I'm not as funny as I thought.

I've deleted some of my earlier posts as they're as funny as a kick in the balls.

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