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My Namesake!

Some little putz has set himself up with I would suggest checking it out, but as he calls himself a "Sinner, Lover, Friend", I won't. Please let that be a joke.

Why weddings should only take place in churches...

Thanks George.

Queenborough is loooooking good

Recent photo of Queenborough - the bricklayer has finished, the garden has been landscaped and the house is ready for the market. Gaaaaame on.

Roof goes on Queenborough

Just got this photo through from my brother. Even though it's a couple of weeks old, it's a great picture of the roof being moved into place and being lowered onto the house in Queenborough.

Get Well Soon, George!

My good friend George, who's also a regular reader of this blog, has been to hospital today to get a boil lanced off his gooch (alt. def.), apparently caused by an ingrowing hair rubbing on his jockstrap whilst running the London Marathon. Get well soon, George!

Get out the sun!

I know you're supposed to stay out of the sun between noon and 3pm, but this is ridiculous...

A hard day at the office...

Whilst I'm receiving grief from my boss at work, my mate Charlie is getting his photo taken with two Page 3 models at his office in Wapping (he's the one in the middle.) What a little asswipe. The other two lads look like complete gimps. They've probably taken the photo home to show their mothers!

Thorpe Park

I went down to Thorpe Park today as part of a birthday surprise for my brother. You can see the photos I took here. I was pleasantly surprised with the "intense experiences" on offer. The Tussauds Group has done a good job of sorting out the park since they took over in 1998, with many new world class rollercoasters, including Stealth, which reminded me of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point (a coaster I had the honour of experiencing as part of my Roller Coaster Tour last year - though in comparison, Top Thrill Dragster does put Stealth in the shade!)

ps. It's interesting to note that the top three roller coaster manufacturers in the world are all European, with Intamin and Bolliger and Mabillard from Switzerland and Vekoma from the Netherlands.

The Sultan's Elephant

During my lunch break yesterday, I walked down to Horse Guards Parade to take a look at the Sultan's Elephant I had heard so much about. Part of some spectacular street theatre, the elephant is a 40 foot high, 43 tonne machine, it's movement controlled by humans. It was a fantastic sight - catch it walking around London this weekend if you can!

Dahab 2006 - The Photos

Click here to see the photos from my trip to Dahab. The first ten or so show some of the devastation from the three nail bombs. I've tried to add some comments on each photo.

All hail St Gorge

The Sun has printed an "unbiased" comparison of English food against European cuisine. Somehow the full English turns out to be better for you than a croissant, explaining that it's a "nutrient-rich meal". Yeah...

Queenborough nearly there!

We're nearly there! After 12 months of sweat and tears (mainly involving Swale Housing Association) the prefabricated house has been moved to site, the brickies are finishing off and the final touches are being made. It should be on the market in the next few weeks.

Kickboxing Midgets!

It doesn't get any better than this! Two Thai midgets in the main event - a kickboxing championship. I love how the ref splits them up after the picking the winner up and moving him out the way!

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