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Van & Martine came into town on Saturday for Martine's birthday. Went to Sarastro, an opera-themed restaurant near Covent Garden for dins (see my review on linked website). Pretty average food.

Will & Emma stayed in the Savoy (bastards). Went back for night cap. Read two bottles of Verve Cliquot, four bottles of white, twelve beers, total tab £300. Good fun, especially as Heps and Will managed to fit in a naked circuit of the Savoy dining room at 4am. Definitely one for the CV.

Hepburn and I got involved in a bit of Grecko-Roman on Will & Emmas bed, to the disgust of Emma but delight of Hepburn, as he got me in a submissive strangle hold. Also managed to give Van a wedgie. Amusing.

A grainy picture taken on my phone of Hepburn on his naked lap round the dining room of the Savoy Hotel in London at 4am on 25th September 2004. Great stuff.

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