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Superman has Returned

Went to see Superman Returns last night. There were some definite highlights and lowlights. Best of all was Brandon Routh, who not only looks, sounds and has the same mannerisms as Christopher Reeve, but does a good job filling the big man's boots. Also good were the special effects (they should've been, considering the film cost $250m to make). The lowlights were definitely the holes in the story (don't read this unless you've seen the film):

1. Initially, Superman is drained of energy as soon as he lands on the kryptonite island and confronts Lex Luthor, then later he's able to lift the whole kryptonite island into space before losing his energy.

2. He dies in hospital (hence the use of the defibrillator) then in the next scene he's in the recovery room.

3. While Superman is in hospital, noone wonders where Clark Kent has gone.

Despite of these gripes, I'd give the film a solid 6.5

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