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Dark Side of the Rainbow

I went down with a cold earlier so bust out of work to spend the afternoon at home blowing my nose and feeling miserable. I took the chance, while monging in front of the TV, to watch the Dark Side of the Rainbow. That is to watch The Wizard of Oz whilst listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (DSOTM). Rumours abound that Pink Floyd wrote DSOTM so that certain songs and lyrics coincide with specific moments in the film. Click here to see a list of the alleged moments.

There are indeed some fascinating overlaps, especially with new songs and new scenes seemingly starting at exactly the same moment. But most of the corresponding moments are a little dubious and I found myself fast forwarding the music to catch up with the film. And the CD finishes half way through the film! An interesting experiment...

UPDATE: Thanks to "Peter Hitchens" who has sent me a link where you can see the video here.

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  1. # Blogger Peter Hitchens

    It works if you have the right version (US original) and sync it right  

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