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Explaining Hat Tips

I received an interesting email from one of my informers today:
Dear Mr Edmondson

It is with great regret that I write this email. As you know, I have been a loyal and patient reader of your blog now for some time. What is more, I feel I have modestly contributed (significantly) to your blog without so much a thank you. Please understand, I think the time and effort (particularly during those busy working hours) that you have put in to making your blog what it is today is commendable and you have every right to now be sitting on a blog that is worth a “you-tube-esque” $2.00.

However, over the past couple of days I have noticed that you have been handing our hat tips to people who have fed your blog willy-nilly. This is a most disturbing development. In light of this seismic shift in source revealing, I would like you to retrospectively hat tip all my contributions from the past two years or I will no longer either be “logging-on” nor contributing in the future to your blog. You have twenty-four hours. In the meantime, I will be actively searching the web for a new favourite blog – I note that there is a chap called Heps who is snapping at your heals and could soon be increasing his loyal readership…

Let me explain: I was receiving a lot of heat from my network of informers whinging they weren't receiving the recognition they deserved and thought each of them were supplying most of my content. I've decided to thank my informers by way of a "hat tip" in the future both as a sign of recognition and as a measure of who really is supplying me with the goods.

I will not be hat tipping retrospectively. If you are one of my informers and would like to stay anonymous, please email me.

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