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Mel Sandwich

After my Tuesday night wine course, I went down to the Queens Arms for a swift one with Hepburn, Cooney and Mel. Good piccie of Hepburn and I topping off a Mel sandwich. On the way home, I had to go via a newsagent to pick up an "adult" magazine to add to Horrocks' Christmas present Cooney and I are sending to Iraq. The conversation I had with the Asian shop owner went like this:

Edmondson: "Good evening"
Shop Owner: "Good evening Sir. Magazine or DVD?"
Edmondson: "Magazine"
Shop Owner: "Very good Sir. Right behind you"
Edmondson: "Ah, yes. It is for a friend of mine"
Shop Owner: "Do not worry Sir. We have many couples coming in here"
Edmondson: "No really. He's a friend of mine in the Army, currently in Iraq"
Shop Owner: "Of course, Sir"
I pay.
Shop Owner: "Enjoy the magazine, Sir"

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