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I've started a new blog setting out what my policies would be if I was ever elected to parliament. I sometimes get very agitated by some of the rules and regulations that get introduced by the present Labour government, but there's no point complaining unless you explain what you'd do differently. There will be a mix of serious and humorous policies, mostly gently leaning to right of centre. Take a look and feel free to comment or suggest others. This will hopefully expand over the next few months.

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  1. # Blogger Peter Hitchens

    I would like to know your position on the following subjects:

    Devolution and the Westlothian question - an english parliament, english votes or carry on as we are?

    Nuclear power

    Iraq - should / when do we pull out?

    Fruit served on meat dishes - is this just plain wrong and should it be outlawed?

    Legalisation of drugs? Should Cameron come clean - what, or more likely when he is found out to have done harder drugs (as an adult) should he step down. Would you say the same if it were a Labour front bencher?

    I'd also like to see in your top ten, you top ten current politicians and top ten greatest politicians  

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