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Let's Fly

It makes me angry when I hear about how much it costs to get to London's airports. The Heathrow Express in particular takes the piss. But I've just found out Heathrow Connect costs even more!

The 25-minute Heathrow Connect from Hayes to Heathrow costs £6 one-way for the three-mile journey, or £2 per mile. This is double the price of the Heathrow Express, which charges £14 for the standard one-way fare for the 15-mile, 15-minute trip, until now renowned as one of the world's costliest train trips.

The £6 fare means the brief journey from Hayes to Heathrow works out more expensive per mile than many of the world's greatest rail journeys:

In Australia, the Ghan railway covers the 1,862 miles from Adelaide to Darwin and costs 9p per mile, so for £6 you could cover a 66-mile stretch.

On the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer, from Vancouver to Calgary, £6 takes you 13.5 miles.

South Africa's Blue Train, at £780 for the 994-mile overnight trip from Cape Town to Pretoria, £6 will take you over 7.5 miles.

A flight on the now defunct Concorde used to cost just 79p per mile.

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