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The REAL World Athletic Championships

I was reading the real news in the Sunday Sport over lunch today and stumbled across the biggest news of the last ten years: The World Dwarf Tossing Championships are taking place, for the first time in ten years, at The Boathouse, St. Helens, this Wednesday (23rd May) from 7pm onwards.

The rules:

1. Dwarves will be wearing special dwarf-tossing velcro suits and protective helmets
2. Throwers use two handles attached to the back of the dwarf suit to launch the little fellas into orbit
3. Dwarves will be tossed against a vertical velcro wall with the highest throw winning
4. Dwarves are only allowed to be tossed one at a time and the vertical velcro wall must be clear of the previous dwarf throw
5. Only bona fine dwarves may enter. Small children will be disqualified

I can't find the official website. Any help will be appreciated.

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