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Initial Thoughts of the Blackberry Curve

For years I have been on a search to find the ultimate phone. My required specification has changed of the years, but every 12 months I look out for new hardware that will improve on the functionality of my last phone. This years specs included: a music player, a video player, a camera and a keyboard). I was going to compromise and go for the Nokia N95 but at the last minute I stumbled upon the holy grail: the new Blackberry Curve.

I think this is the ultimate phone. As well as meeting all my requirements, it's small, stable and is very easy to use. With the addition of the Blackberry Internet Service (which give you unlimited internet browsing and push email for £10 a month on O2) this is the ultimate smartphone. There are a couple of niggles which I miss: there is no built in Wifi; it is not 3G (so browsing can be slow); syncing email with Gmail is not two way (if you delete a message on a computer it is not deleted on the Blackberry) and there is no way to sync your calendar or contacts with online services like Google Calendar. This is small fry compared to some of the big killer apps, including Google Maps, syncing with Gmail, AvantGo (so you can sync the news first thing and read the headlines on the tube to work), a very stable operating system and a well laid out keyboard.

One word of warning: if you're moving to O2, make sure you have your PAC code ready if you want to bring your existing phone number. I didn't and now it's too late. Rats!

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