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Boris for Mayor

I am getting slightly nervous of the prospect of having Boris Johnson run for the office of Mayor of London. Boris is a highly intelligent, charming and amusing operator, though I'm not sure he has the skills to manage one of the most culturally diverse and influential cities in the world.

Anyone who is asked whether he's been unfairly treated and chooses to quote the French writer, Voltaire ("All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds" - Doctor Pangloss in Candide) is way out of my league. But intelligence alone is not enough to get to grips on a major world city's needs.

Love him or hate him, Ken Livingstone is clear of his goals for the City, setting out his social, environmental and economic aims during his tenure. Even though I work for the Mayor indirectly and don't agree with all his policies, I respect him for his single minded drive in changing London for, what he sees, the better.

I cannot see Boris being able or having the capacity to understand or solve London's problems: the years of underinvestment in infrastructure; the inequality; the environmental concerns. And I think the London public will see this.

He should stick to being a successful MP for Henley. Otherwise, I feel it will end in tears.

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