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IQ Test

Check out this IQ test from the Guardian. My result:

You got 20 questions right out of a possible 25. This gives you a cash/cleverness coefficient of 10.

It's official. Your IQ is significantly more powerful than the average for your salary bracket. Demand a pay rise while you still have your faculties.

Right, where's my manager?

Leave a comment with your result (after finding yourself a job which pays what you deserve).

Hat tip: Pippa

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  1. # Blogger James

    I'm in the wrong job - scored 13,,,00.html?salary=29999&profession=Public+Sector&management_level=Office+based&Q1=5&Q2=1&Q3=5&Q4=5&Q5=5&Q6=1&Q7=4&Q8=2&Q9=3&Q10=4&Q11=1&Q12=2&Q13=1&Q14=2&Q15=2&Q16=2&Q17=1&Q18=2&Q19=2&Q20=4&Q21=3&Q22=5&Q23=5&Q24=5&Q25=3&x=21&y=5&part=4  

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