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Autobots Transform

I went to see Transformers last Wednesday, not because I was an avid collector of the toys as a child (my parents never bought me one; once when I was ill they left me at home when they went shopping and asked me what I wanted. "A Transformer" I answered. They came back with a Transformer...pencil sharpener) but because it's the kind of film which deserves to be seen on the big screen. It didn't disappoint: the CGI was stupendous; the plot was non-existent. The film included all the stereotypes you'd expect: the good looking girl who likes football players but by the end of the film fancies the geek; the young lad with overbearing parents; the trigger-happy soldiers. Luckily the film doesn't takes itself too seriously, and contains some rather amusing lines. Despite the gaping plot holes, it's a good film to take in at the multiplex. Just leave your brain with the cashier outside.

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  1. # Blogger The Football Guru

    I couldn't recommend a film to avoid more. Thought it was dreadful.  

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