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Ghandi's Revenge

A letter to my friends with testicular fortitude:

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is time for the 1st Annual Rusty Water Competition.

I believe everyone has been growing chilies during the year and it is time to put your cultivation skills to the test.

I propose a showdown on Saturday 24th November, at a venue to be confirmed.

There will be two rounds:

1. The naked munch - where entrants will sample each other's raw specimen
2. The application - where each entrant will bring along a dish of which ingredients include the specimen on show (examples include salsa or chili con carne). This will be sampled by other entrants

Points will be awarded for look, smell, taste, length of effect and any other categories which we agree. Some points should be reserved for T+24 hours, to judge effect on exit. Instant disqualification for cheating (i.e. using pre-packaged sauces)

I hope this sounds like a plan. Happy to incorporate other ideas.


James "King of the Ring Sting" Edmondson

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