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Last Wednesday's Film Club event went well. The showing of The Day of the Jackal was widely seen to be the best yet.

Unfortunately, only 5 people turned up. I have therefore decided to cancel the future schedule.

When I decided to start the film club, it was for two reasons: one, to show old classic films which everyone would enjoy; two, to give everyone the chance to get together, have some fun and catch up over some food before the film started. With everyone always saying they never see as much of their friends as they would like, I thought this would give that opportunity. I'm not sure if people understood this; the film nights always seemed to be at the bottom of people's priority lists, which is a shame. There are a few people who promised a lot but delivered little (you know who you are). There are also people who have a 100% attendance record. To them, I salute you.

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