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Remember This?

Barry Chuckle (right)

Kiddies’ TV star Barry Chuckle was branded a sleazy rat yesterday for trying to bed the mum of two young fans.

The married grandad, 60, one half of the famous Chuckle Brothers, bombarded attractive Sally Williams with lurid emails.

Housewife Sally, 37, also told how he KISSED her as she sat in his car, put his hand up her SKIRT, and BEGGED her to spend nights with him in a hotel.

The starstruck mum, who admits she fell for his charms, said: “I must have been insane.

“We never had full sex. But I was stupid, naive and idiotic. He’s a slimebag and a sleazeball who could have wrecked my life.”

One email from the wrinkly comic, real name Barry Elliott, told how he wanted to “lick, suck and caress” her.

Another drooled: “Even though you won’t have your underwear on for long I’m looking forward to seeing it and removing it slowly and sexily, you gorgeous little thing.

The “fling” was nipped in the bud when Sally's husband Ron, 40, found one of the emails.

He stormed: “I want people to know what Barry Chuckle is really like.”

Barry, wed to Ann for 35 years, yesterday admitted sending “fruity” emails and meeting Sally at the services. But he insisted: “Nothing happened.”

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