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SS Experiment Love Camp

I thought I'd watch SS Experiment Love Camp after I read about MPs getting their knickers in a twist. Let me tell you, it's the worst, lowest budget, least offensive film I have ever seen. Apparently, this film kicked off the "video nasty" phenomenon in the 1980s, but more for the promotional posters than the film itself!

The BBFC say "The content of the film is in fact very mild and poorly executed. If anything, it was the title of the film and its original packaging that led to difficulties, rather than the content. The idea of the film may, of course, be offensive to some but that is not a good enough reason to cut or reject it. We would only cut or reject a film for adults if the content was illegal or harmful. "SS Experiment Camp" is neither illegal or harmful, just tasteless."

I wouldn't call it tasteless. It's simply crap.

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