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Speach by Mr. Telephone Budreaux

"My friends, my name is Telephone Budreaux of Bayou Pont-Pont. I am recognised as the biggest man in the bayou. I am president of the Budreaux National Trust and Savings Bank, Incorporated, I am president of the school board, I am president of the General Merchandise Stores, Incorporated, I am the postmaster, I am a member of the legislator and I am also chief of police, by virtue of the new office to which I have just been elect, and which makes me today the biggest politician in the bayou.

"Let me see what they call me now - hot dog, I cannot remember that name. Jean, what do you call that female horse?"


"Mare, that's what I am - I am now the Mayor of Bayou Pont-Pont."

Taken from the album Western Flyer by Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, 1969.

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