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Dear James

I say, isn't this exciting. Thank you again for coming down and installing my new computer. I've surfed the net, done some typing and I've even emailed some letters!

I was showing Uncle Max your blog and discovered my email to you on public display! I don't know how that happened - there are just too many buttons to press.

Uncle Max wanted to know what "blog" meant, he thought it sounded a bit like a wooden lavatory up a tree (log bog). He laughed so much he nearly fell off his chair, although that might have a bit to do with the strength of the gin and tonics he gets Reg, the landlord at the Prince of Wales, to serve.

I spoke to Edwina who asked that idiot husband of hers who said it stood for "web log." All a bit complicated for me. I suppose I will get to understand.

Lots of love

Aunt La-La

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