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Happy Kitschmas!

There was a time, of course, when beards covered a multitude of chins. There was Moses and St Paul. There was Leonardo and Michelangelo. There was Santa. There was even Marx and Darwin, both much bushy of face. But the day of the beard has now sadly passed. The beard is no longer king. All that remains are the bearded chops of Rowan Williams.

To mark this tragic loss in modern life, the commemorative Jesus Shaves mug looks back to the most famous facial hair of them all. Simply add a hot drink to the mug, and the familiar facial hair of our Lord melts away to reveal ... a passable likeness to your Editor in his younger years. Sic transit gloria mundi*.

Mourn the passing of the great beards of yore with the Jesus Shaves mug. Only $12.95 from the good folks at
*Sic transit gloria mundi translates as Thus passes the glory of the world.

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