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Time flies like an arrow;
Fruit flies like a banana.
Graffito on Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1979.
JERemiah 33 3: “Call to me and I will answer you.”
God’s phone number.
“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”
Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar in Carry on Cleo.
“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, this is the War Room.”
Peter Sellars as President Merkin Muffley in Dr Strangelove. Probably the best line ever in a film script.
Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv’ry Tay!
Alas! I am very sorry to say
That ninety lives have been taken away
On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember’d for a very long time.

’Twas about seven o’clock at night,
And the wind it blew with all its might,
And the rain came pouring down,
And the dark clouds seem’d to frown,
And the Demon of the air seem’d to say:
“I’ll blow down the Bridge of Tay.”
And so the poem The Tay Bridge Disaster by William Topaz McGonagall continues for another three or four verses. Clearly an acquired taste.
Simple Simon met a pie-man going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon to the pie-man
“What have you got there?”
Said the pie-man unto Simon
“Pies you twit.”

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