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Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie, released in November 1928, was the first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon and the first Disney cartoon to feature synchronized sound. It premiered at New York's 79th Street Theatre, and played ahead of a conventional film, Gang War. Steamboat Willie was an immediate hit while Gang War is all but forgotten today.

The cartoon was written and directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The title is a parody of the Buster Keaton film Steamboat Bill Jr. Music for Steamboat Willie was put together by Wilfred Jackson, one of Disney's animators and comprises popular melodies including Steamboat Bill and Turkey in the Straw.

30 seconds of scenes of what might be considered cruelty to animals have been removed from several versions of Steamboat Willie, including Mickey pulling a cat's tail and then swinging the cat by the tail above his head, picking up a nursing sow and "playing" her babies like an accordion keyboard, and using a goose as bagpipes. This is the full version.

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