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World Custard Pie Championships

The World Custard Pie Championships were fought out at Coxheath, Maidstone, yesterday.

Sixteen teams from around Britain flung their way through the championships, with a local team, Coxheath Till I Die, splashing their way to victory with pies made from a secret recipe of flour and water poured onto paper plates. The idea is to have a pie that "hits you squarely in the face and drips off slowly."

Points are awarded depending on the accuracy of aim:
  • 6 points for a Direct Hit, squarely on the face.
  • 3 points for a Near-Miss, shoulder height or upwards
  • 1 point for a Body-Miss, hitting other part of the body
  • Deduct 1 point for 2 consecutive complete misses.
Judges can award upto 5 points for the most original and amusing throwing techniques.

See you all there next year.

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