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More Interesting Places For Your Granny To Visit

When two of the three roads to your own village pass through Pratts Bottom and Badger's Mount, you get a bit blasé about place names. Anyway, here are some more interesting places to take your granny:
Shitlingthorpe, Yorkshire.
Bastard, Norway.
Arsoli, Italy.
Muff, Northern Ireland.
Wankie, Zimbabwe.
Nobber, County Donegal.
Lickey End, West Midlands.
Fukum, Yemen.
Lord Berkeley's Knob, Sutherland.
Turdo, Romania.
Dongo, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Seymen, Turkey.
Brown Willy, Cornwall.
Wanks River, Nicaragua.
Wankendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
Fuku, Shensi, China.
Beaver Head, Idaho.
Fukui, Honshu, Japan.
Shag Island, Indian Ocean.
Fukue, Japan.
Middle Intercourse Island, Australia.
Chinaman's Knob, Australia.
Wet Beaver Creek, Australia.
Tittybong, Australia.
(What is it about Australia?)
Pis Pis River, Nicaragua.
Dikshit, India.
Wankener, India.
Sexmoan, Philippines.

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