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Since the Dee Bridge Disaster in 1847 (see pic above), new bridge designs have collapsed every 30 years or so as designers push them to, and beyond, their limits. Presently, a new design of bridge, the cable stayed bridge (such as the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford in Kent) is being pushed to its limits. It is over-time for another disaster…
  • 1847 Dee Bridge – cast iron girder bridge. Then 32 years pass:
  • 1879 Tay Bridge – continuous girder bridge. Then 28 years pass:
  • 1907 Quebec Bridge – cantilever bridge. Then 33 years pass:
  • 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge – suspension bridge. Then 30 years pass:
  • 1970 Milford Haven Bridge (now called the Cleddau Bridge), spanning the River Cleddau in Wales, and Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia – both box girder bridges.
It has now been 39 years and counting…

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