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Insults From Less Gracious Times

Glenda Jackson has the face to launch a thousand dredgers.
Jack de Manio

Diana Rigg is built like a brick mausoleum with insufficient flying buttresses.
John Simon

Let's face it. Elizabeth Taylor's last marriage was all aobut selling perfume becasue it's hard to sell perfume when you're a fat old spinster.
Johnny Rotten

Mrs. Thatcher is doing for monetarism what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door salesmen.
Denis Healey

Andrew Lloyd Webber has done for music what Bomber Harris did for landscape gardening.
Miles Kingston

Of Lord Rosebery: A man who never missed an occasion to let slip an opportunity.
George Bernard Shaw

Of the composer Dame Ethel Smyth: She would be like Richard Wagner if only she looked a bit more feminine.
Osbert Sitwell

Of Ricard Wagner: I like Wagner, but the music I prefer is that of a cat hung up by its tail outside a window and trying to satick to the pane with its claws.
Charles Baudelaire

Of Richard Wagner (again): I like his music, better than any other. It is so loud that one can talk the whole time without people hearing what onecsays. That is a great advantge.
Oscar Wilde

Of Oscar Wilde: He festooned the dung heap on which he had placed himself wityh saonnets as people grow honeysuckle around outdoor privies.
Quentin Crisp

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