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Patron Saints

The Roman Catholic Church has more than 5,000 saints, many of who are patron saints: protectors of certain groups or professions. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Saint Matthew: patron saint of accountants. (He was a tax collector before becoming an apostle).

Saint Joseph of Cupertino: patron saint of air travellers (nicknamed The Flying Friar as he could levitate).

Saint Fiacre: patron saint of taxi drivers, haemorrhoid sufferers, and those infected with a venereal disease.

Saint Matrona: patron saint of dysentery sufferers.

Saint Louis IX of France: patron saint of button makers.

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia: patron saint of arms dealers.

Saint Anne: patron saint of women in labour (but see below).

Saint John Thwing: patron saint of women in difficult labour.

Saint Nicholas of Myra (also known as Santa Claus): patron saint of children and pawnbrokers.

Saint Bernardino of Siena: patron saint of advertisers and hoarseness.

Saint Blaise: patron saint of throats (he saved a child from choking) and diseased cattle (he also healed animals).

Saint Joseph: patron saint of Opposition to Atheistic Communism.

Saint Sebastian: patron saint of neighbourhood watch groups.

Saint Joseph of Arimathea (who legend tells was the uncle of the Virgin Mary): patron saint of funeral directors.

Saint Eligius: patron saint of petrol station workers. (He miraculously cured horses, the precursors to cars.)

Saint Martin de Porres: patron saint of race relations, social justice, and Italian hairdressers.

Saint Martha: patron saint of dieticians.

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