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On Second Thoughts...

A couple who divorced after 20 years together were remarried six weeks later.

Jan and Lee Jones had their 10 children at the ceremony held on Christmas Eve in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Mrs Jones, 44, said: "We separated because of the usual things which cause problems, like finance and other issues which put pressure on any relationship. But we simply decided we couldn't live apart."

The bride and her husband, 41, met in April 1989 and were married in July 1990. She had a son James, now 23, from a previous marriage, but the couple had their first child together Lee, now 18, in January 1991. After that came Paul, 17, Stephen, 13, Hannah, nine, Amy, seven, Ella, five, Emily, three, George, two, and Callum, one.

Mr and Mr Jones decided to separate in January 2009, but maintained good relations for the sake of the children and when their divorce was finalised in November they started to have second thoughts.

The couple started talking about the future and realised they did not want to be apart. Mr Jones said: "It felt like we were not just throwing away 20 years together, we had grown up together."

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