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Not Very Nice Things To Say

"A suicidal, silicone-breasted, bleached-blond, 40 year old mother of four, adulterous spawn of Hughie Green and a Bluebell Girl, with a dead boyfriend, an even deader career and a habit of being sick into her handbag at public parties." - Julie Burchill on the late Paula Yates (ex-wife of Bob Geldof and partner of the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence).

"His voice is something between bland and grandiose: blandoise perhaps." - Kenneth Tynan on Sir Ralph Richardson.

She went to a plastic surgeon and asked him to make her more like Bo Derek – he gave her a lobotomy." – Joan Rivers.

"A face to launch a thousand dredgers." – Jack de Manio about Glenda Jackson.

"Who picked your clothes – Stevie Wonder?" – Don Rickles to David Letterman.

"Arnold Schwartzernegger looks like a condom full of walnuts – Clive James.

"She has more chins than the Chinese telephone directory." – Joan Rivers about Elizabeth Taylor.

"It’s a new low for actresses when you have to wonder what’s between her ears instead of between her legs." – Katherine Hepburn about Sharon Stone.

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