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Kings And Queens Of England, Part 5


Edward VII, born 1841. Reigned 1901 – 1910. Was weak from overindulgence and smoking - he had a 48 inch waist and smoked on average twenty cigarettes and a dozen cigars a day. Not surprisingly, he died from a heart attack. To his son:

George V, born 1865, reigned 1910 – 1935. It was admitted in 1986 that he was “helped” to die, some say so that the death could be reported in the Times and not the evening papers. To his son:

Edward VIII, born 1894, reigned 1935 – 1936. Abdicated because he wanted to marry Mrs Simpson (not Bart’s mother). Eventually lived in Paris. No children. To his brother:

George VI, born 1895, reigned 1936 – 1952. Died from lung cancer. His wife, the late Queen Mother always felt that Edward VIII caused George to die young by making him become King. George had a stutter because he was left handed but made to write with his right hand. To his daughter:

Elizabeth II, born 1926, reigning 1952 – present. God save the Queen! To her son:

Charles III or George VII, born 1948. Upon the death of Elizabeth II, if Prince Charles keeps his given name he would become known as Charles III. Prince Charles has however considered rejecting that style when he accedes to the throne, because of its associations with Britain’s bloody past and with Charles I, who was beheaded in 1649 following the English Civil War. Such a move would not be a first – three of the past six British monarchs chose a regnal style different from their Christian name, and even from their previous given name; for example, George VI was known as Prince Albert (Bertie to his family). The most discussed alternative style has been George VII, in honour of Charles’ grandfather. And then, hopefully, to his son:

William V, born 1982.

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