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Meanwhile, Back At Bristol Zoo...

Every zoo has a specialist animal trapper in case some of the wild animals escape.

One day, George, the resident trapper at Bristol Zoo received a call that some of the chimpanzees had escaped and were causing mischief in the town. So he loaded up his safari Land Rover and set off into town to track them down. Sure enough, he found them in a street market sitting on a fruit and veg market stall throwing fruit at the gathering crowd.

Expertly casting his trapping net, he caught the chimps in no time at all. The crowd gave an appreciative round of applause and started to disperse as he loaded the chimps into the caged back of the Land Rover

Then his mobile phone range.

It was the Chief Zoo Keeper who told him that a dangerous and vicious tiger had escaped and could George stop whatever he was doing and go and urgently capture it. This put George in a dilemma - he did not have time to take the chimps back to the zoo and he only had one cage, so if he went directly to catch the tiger, he would have to put it into the cage with the chimps and the tiger would eat the chimps.

As he was thinking what to do, a stranger walked up and said, "You look puzzled, I know about chimpanzees, can I help in any way?"

"Yes! I have an emergency. If I give you £50 can you take these chimps to the zoo for me?"

"Oh, yes, of course I can," said the man, who took the £50 and set off with the chimps.

George went off and successfully found the tiger, caught it and put it in the cage.

As he was driving back to the zoo (feeling pretty smug with himself for a good day's work), he saw the stranger and the chimps walking along the road in the direction away from the zoo.

George was furious. He stopped his Land Rover, jumped out and said to the stranger, "I thought I gave you £50 to take the chimps to the zoo?!"

The stranger replied, "Yes you did, and we had a lot of fun, so now we're off to the cinema."

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