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Don't Ever Complain About Your Builders Again!

This 13 storey block of flats in Minhang district of Shanghai, China, fell over on 27th June 2009, killing a construction worker. A 10m high mound of soil had been placed on one side as builders dug to make an underground car park on the other. The pressure from the mound of soil moved the foundations horizontally and they were unable to support the building.

A member of the team investigating the collapse, which angered some 500 homeowners of the still unoccupied complex, said: "No builder with basic construction knowledge should have made that error."

The Shanghai No 1 Intermediate People's Court convicted 52-year-old Que Jingde, the second largest shareholder of the Shanghai Meidu Real Estate, on one charge of graft, while finding Zhang Zhiqin, 51, the largest shareholder in the firm, guilty on counts of graft, embezzlement of corporate funds and causing a serious accident. They were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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