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Unfunny Jokes

Food Joke (only felt funny by your Editor).

Youth 1: “Do your parents still have sex?”
Youth 2: “No”
Youth 1: “Might they in the future?”
Youth 2: “If parsnips, Marmite.”

Morning Joke (again, only felt funny by your Editor).

Editor’s wife: “Did you sleep well?”
Editor: “No, I make some mistakes.”

Theatre Joke (only considered funny by Malcolm, your Editor’s brother-in-law).

Malcolm: “I’m opening a theatre.”
Vera, Malcolm’s mum: “Are you having me on?”
Malcolm: “You’ll have to audition along with everybody else.”

Psychiatrist Joke (not considered funny at all by psychiatrists who take all such answers from patients very seriously).

Psychiatrist: “How long have you believed in reincarnation?”
Patient: “Ever since I was a puppy.”

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