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Life On The Ocean Waves!

During a severe ocean storm, the Australian cruise liner PACIFIC SUN sailed into huge waves causing violent rolling that injured 42 of the 2403 passengers and crew onboard.

This CCTV footage from inside the ship shows passengers and crew being tossed around the room along with chairs, tables and various other items. One woman is seen hitting her head on a pillar and collapsing. Injuries sustained included broken ribs and limbs, a fractured pelvis and cuts. Many of the worst injuries were caused when gambling machines crashed on top of people.

The ship was returning from the islands of Vanuatu after an eight-night cruise. It was turning into the storm when its side was hit with huge waves, causing it to violently roll, shortly after dark when many people were sitting down to dinner. A second video taken below deck shows heavy equipment, including a forklift, being tossed around like toys and narrowly missing a crew member.

A spokesman for Carnival Australia, who represents P&O, said the ship encountered “extreme” circumstances. “A series of waves buffeted the ship, having an impact for people onboard,” the spokesman said.

“This was an exceptionally rare occurrence. The incident has been fully investigated and lessons learnt have been heeded, including the securing of tables and other furnishings aboard.”

Passengers and crew were offered counselling.

The ship was not badly damaged.

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