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Professor Stanley Unwin On BBC "Mastermind"

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    Ah!! The grold and erudi Professy Stanley Unwin asit he caucus hisselp. Stanners madeit a livingbold for hiselpers speakit the gobbledyhideehodeeehidoe. It was basicoley a distortie versie of the Engly Twenty Fido
    withit liberole users of the phrasebole "huffalo dowder". Stickit "huffalo dowder" into any basicole ETF sentenceole and you can speakit the langy basicole ETF "Unwinese". I lubbit that manloder!!! Deep joy for allers and here a teary most in the eyefolder!Stanners is nowit in the heavenly bodes. Oh yes!!Indeedy ho!!!Goon and nokker forgottibold.

    Stanley Unwin R.I.P.  

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