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TfL Board Meeting

I had the privilege of attending the TfL Board Meeting at the GLA this morning. It was a fascinating event, especially as I was able to check out who all the big players are who decide the direction that transport in London will take in the future. And what players they are...

Remember that TfL is run like a company - it even has a credit rating (AA) with all three of the big agencies. I always think you can tell the quality of the company by the senior management. In the chair: Ken Livingstone, who turned up without a tie and looked bored throughout. Jay Walder and Tim O'Toole, two Americans brought in by Bob Kiley who looked and sounded the part. Impressive. Peter Hendy, TfL's commissioner, with his selection of metalwork across the knuckles, looked like he'd just arrived after giving out tickets on the number 88 bus. A whole selection of other characters, including some who turned up with backpacks and duffel coats like it was their first day at school.

Unfortunately, the board doesn't reflect the true diversity of our great city. I spied 18 men and 8 women (is it me or is that a big board?). Making up the diversity: one black woman and two disabled board members. Low numbers, I'd say.

The upshot was that a number of times the board spoke about sustainability, including sustainable procurement, which is my speciality. Looking like I'm playing with a hot political issue...

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