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First Review of Casino Royale

Charlie managed to get into the premiere of Casino Royale last night. Being one of my loyal informers, he has kindly submitted a review for my esteemed readers. This is what he thought:
After a quick catch up with Elton and Paris on the red carpet I took my seat eager to see the new look Bond. The queen arrived late and the film finally started after she had spent 30 mins shaking the hands of everyone from the director down to the Head of popcorn.
Forget everything you think you know about 007. The formula has been torn up and replaced with a grittier more realistic approach. Bond bleeds, bashes and bangs his way through the latest episode of the franchise. Gadgets and CGI are replaced with real time stunts with plenty of baddies meeting head smashingly violent ends.
Best part: The opening chase in Madagascar. Worst bit: Bond getting all deep and meaningful over a girl. Most painful bit: Bond naked & strapped to a chair having his bollocks smashed with a large piece of rope.
Verdict: best 007 since Connery (and Basildon Bond)

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