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Mr. Hunt

Post from The Hitch:

Last week I posted about a chap who used the name Michael AS Hunt to get a letter posted in the Daily Mail, the subject being just how much he would like to sue the families of people who commit suicide by jumping in fron of trains and thereby delay his journey, so appalling even for a Daily Mail reader it has to be a spoof and the name confrimed it. Well bugger me he has pulled it off again only this time he has managed to get the name "Mike Hunt" printed. Mr "HUNT" of Datchett in Herts., the Hitch salutes you!

Someone has left a comment in response:

Swift said...
Well I had a meeting this morning with a chap called A.N.L.Pfister. He introduced himself as 'Alex' but later handed me his business card. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself laughing. He is Swiss German, so is utterly clueless about it.

Just awesome!

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  1. # Blogger Schindlersfist

    My father worked with an american called Dick Shiner. He also worked with Joy Hole (after she married Tony Hole). A friend in recruitment claimed he had a Roger Mchitter on the books - probably a lie but still a classic  

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