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Being Part of History

Tony and Cherie leave Buckingham Palace after he meets HM. At this point, the country has no leader.

I spent lunch today in the pre-2005 heart of democracy to take in the atmosphere of the changing of the guard: Tony Blair leaving and Gordon Brown arriving. Outside Downing Street the crowd were boistrous; there was a large anti-war contingent along side the usual Blairites who get wheeled out for these occasions. As Tony left in the PM limo, a huge boo went up from the Stop the War characters, but generally everyone was well behaved, with the dozens of police officers well in control.

I crossed over St. James's Park to the Palace and took my place between the tourists and Special Branch (the wrist microphones and ear pieces well in sight) to wait for Tony's step into public as a plebian for the first time in ten years. I noticed the marksmen on the top of the palace and a single figure flying the Union Flag in the crowd (probably an American tourist). As Tony left, this time in a car from the government pool, I could see Cherie frantically waving out the window. Why?

Five minutes later, Brown arrived, ready to step into Tony's shoes. He drove into the palace and through to the central courtyard. Noone could see his inevitable smile. His time had come.

As I returned to the office, I was asked for an interview by the Press Assocation. I was asked my opinion of GB and who I thought would win the next election. I obviously gave informed answers (ie. I tried to think what Peter Hitchens would say in the MoS). Look out for a clip of me on the Internet!

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