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A Message from Tootus Maximus

There are very few challenges left in the world that haven’t been done by someone else before. I am certain that what I am about to attempt is indeed one of those rare ‘firsts’.

On Monday, July 16th 2007 I will be competing with 8,000 other cyclists in the Etape du Tour – a real stage of this year’s Tour de France – 199km across the long and winding, steep roads of the Pyrenees. I will be attempting to complete the race in slightly unusual dress, however. The picture attached is a bit of a giveaway. Yes, Tootus Maximus is back and I will be doing it dressed as a Roman gladiator!

I will be cycling with another gladiator buddy, Brutus and the reason for the bizarre costumes is to raise several thousand pounds for our chosen charity - The World Cancer Research Fund.

If you would like to sponsor me (Tootus Maximus) or my man at arms (Brutus) for our efforts please donate at

I will of course be sending regular news and photos of how we get on at the event that we have cunningly called “The GladiaTOUR de France”.

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