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Exploring London Town

Having been blown out on my weekend in Walton, I had the whole weekend in front of me, so on Sunday I decided to head to Speakers' Corner for the first time in six years. I recognised the usual rabble of orators, though there were a couple of characters I didn't recognise from last time. The most interesting was a Catholic convert to Islam who was in heated conversation with various members of his audience. Even though the people speaking have their own agendas, it was both amusing and interesting learning about different religions and the passion they create.

As it was Open House London, we all took advantage of free entry and had a look around the fabulous rooms of 1, London and went up to take in the views of Wellington Arch.

Once we'd soaked up the culture, we headed across Green Park and into Chinatown for an outrageous amount of dim sum for lunch.

It's days like this that make it great to live in London.

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