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How You Know You've Indulged Too Much

I tried out a few new establishments over the weekend. After a few drinks in Industry (the first time I've been on the lash in the City for a very long time), I headed to the Great Eastern Dining Room for some well-trodden "Asian Fusion". Industry was a classic trendy bar full of try-hards desperate to look good. The music was loud and there wasn't enough Ralf Lauren on show for my liking, but the drinks were cheap (£4 for a G&T) and it was good to try something different. GEDR was a second choice after Viet Hoa was experiencing problems in the kitchen. The food was superb: starters of salted squid and crispy pork belly were followed by a beef curry and a whole sea bass. I'd definitely revisit and try other items if I was in the area.

On Saturday morning I ventured to Marylebone High St a brunch of salmon and poached egg benedict at The Providores, an exceptionally popular New Zealander-owned restaurant. Washed down with a couple of "flat whites" (coffees) it set me up for the rest of the day.

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