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Let's not fly

Another reason why I don't fly Ryanair any longer:

Ryanair has slammed up the charges for booking, making its 'free flights' even less free! If you check in online and take no carry-on baggage there are no costs. Yet if you want carry-on baggage you'll need to check in costing £3 (was £2), and then it's £6 (was £5) per pre-organised bag and £12 (was £10) for additional bags. Plus now you pay £3 (was £2) to pay by credit card, £1 by debit card (was 70p) and £1 for Visa Electron (was free).

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  1. # Blogger suzanne

    Flying is worse than taking a city bus. I remember hearing about Russian airlines in the 70's that were similar to being on a city bus - just a crappy way to get from here to there. At 52 years young, I remember when flying was a luxury - even fun! We were treated respectfully and felt good to have paid the big bucks to fly, and were compensated as such. Now the TSA thinks they are GOD and will abuse you physically and mentally mercilessly. The power the tsa has absconded with is ruining the simple flight. I will drive (no matter what the pricew of gas) rather than fly.  

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