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Pupils Eyes Opened

One reason to leave your laptop at home:

A COMPREHENSIVE school teacher has resigned after allegations he accidentally showed pornography to pupils during a lesson.

The unnamed male teacher at Port Talbot’s Sandfields Comprehensive, where millionaire bio- entrepreneur Sir Chris Evans went to school, handed in his resignation yesterday.

School officials were given reports the teacher used his personal laptop computer to show an educational film after school equipment broke down.

But images which were said to have distressed the watching pupils flashed up momentarily instead, before the teacher realised his mistake and switched the computer off.

A number of the class of 11 and 12-year-olds later told their families about what they had seen.

Neath Port Talbot Council education department officials confirmed the teacher was sent home last Friday after complaints from a parent.

An investigation was then launched to find out exactly what happened during the lesson.

But yesterday Neath Port Talbot Council announced the teacher had resigned after talks with education officials.

Families of the pupils, both girls and boys, said their children were “shocked and upset”.

One mother of a pupil at the school said her son told her that the images contained “dirtiness”.

And a grandparent of a pupil, who also asked not to be named added, “My grandson is very distressed by what he saw.

“The police have now got to speak to the pupils. It’s a traumatic experience for a youngster to go through.”

I doubt 12 year old boys were THAT distressed.

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