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Don't over-trim your gowns or other articles of apparel. The excess in trimmings on women’s garments, now so common, is a taste little less than barbaric, and evinces ignorance of the first principles of beauty, which always involve simplicity as a cardinal virtue. Apparel piled with furbelows or similar adjuncts, covered with ornaments, and garnished up and down with ribbons is simply made monstrous thereby, and is not of a nature to please the eyes of gods or men. Leave all excesses of all kinds to the vulgar.

From A Manual of Mistakes and Improprieties, 1880.

Be sure to be at the station several minutes before the time for departure of the train by which you propose to travel. Hurried excitement and bustle will throw you into a perspiration, which will be fatal to all comfort during your ride, and will expose you to the danger of catching cold.

From The ABC Railway Guide, April 1859.

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