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Dear James

It was most enjoyable speaking to you on the telephone earlier.

I am sorry I was in a rush, but Reg, the landlord at the Prince of Wales, has booked the village hall for some sort of musical recital he is organising at the weekend, and as I am Chairman (I do hate "chairlady" or "chairperson"!) of the Carvell Village Hall Committee, I had to be there to hand over the keys.

If you can come down at the weekend you will of course be ever so welcome. Edwina and The Dreadful Idiot will be here, so if you come at least I'll have some intelligent conversation.

Lots of love

Aunt La-La

PS As you may have read, poor Arthur’s appeal did not go too well, but he is settling down now and making new friends. With all the time on his hands, this time he is determined to learn to write so with a bit of luck by next Christmas, if he is out on parole, we’ll all be getting cards from him.

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