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All In The Name

During 2008 a record 46,000 people changed their names by deed poll. I'm not altogether sure everybody is taking this seriously enough. All these are genuine deed poll name changes:

(after a character in the film Superbad)

Jazz Funk
(Andrew Dick felt that his new name was better than being Mr. Dick.)

Ima Stapler

Saxon Knight
(61 year old Janice Glover changed her name because, "Retirement is the start of a new life so I decided I would get a new name too.")

Elf McGnome

Chainy Rabbit

Purple Phantom

Daddy Fantastic

Big Crazy Lester

Luscious Lemons

General Ninja Ant

Mr Happy Spanners
(the result of losing a drunken bet)

Jojo Magicspacemonkey

Dan Boombastic Fantastic

Mr Tintin Captain Haddock Confused Brewer
(all references to the cartoon strip Tintin)

N'Tom TheHaymaker Haywardyouliketocomebacktomine

Aron Mufasa Columbo Fonzerelli Ball In A Cup Boogie Woogie Brown

Vincent Superdude Nymphomaniac Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell Valentine

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