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More English From The Estuary's Northern Shore

Abdabs: extremely perturbed. “Sharon walked in when I woz in a clinch wiv Tracy an’ she ’ad the screamin’ abdabs.”
All fur coat and no knickers: of a woman, all superficial appearance and no real substance beneath. (Derog.)
Cancel: administrative body of a town. “Darren, weev ad annuvva letter from the cancel.”
Cort a panda: a big hamburger (smaller than an arf panda)
Drekkun?: do you consider? “Which dog drekkun’ll win the next race?”
Efty: considerable. “Ere, Trace, this credit card bill’s a bit efty.”
Ejog: a small, spiky animal.
Eyebrow: cultured, intellectual.
Fatcha: Margaret, British Prime Minister 1979 - 1990.
Fong: skimpy undergarment.
Gwon: a term of encouragement. “Gwon Darren, eat ya granny’s cabbage, it’ll do yer good.”
Haitch: letter of the alphabet between G and I.
Iffy: dubious. “Ere, Trace, I fink this bread pudding you made last munf’s a bit iffy.”
Int: an indirect suggestion. “I gave Darren a sort of int that it was time to wash iz feet.”
Ja: do you, did you. “Ja like me new airdo, Sharon.”
Kaff: modestly priced eating establishment open during the day.
Minger: an unattractive person (usually female).
Narra: lacking breadth, with little margin. “Mum wannid to come rand but changed er mind. That was a narra escape.”
Nartamean?: have you understood what I have said? (Sometimes used as janartamean?) “Getting Darren at on bail woz tricky. Nartamean?”
Oaf: a solemn declaration of truth or commitment.
Pacific: specific.
Plammans: a pub lunch usually made up of cheese and bread.
Rand: a number of drinks purchased for a group.
Ran deer: in this locally. “There ain’t much call for it ran deer.
Reddat no drawers: colourful millinery insight.
Rocky nors shit: an extremely rare commodity. “English brikkies ran deer (q.v.) are as rare as rocky nors shit.”
Roofless: without compassion.
Seevin: very angry. “I woz seevin when I urd wot ’e sed.”
Tan ass: a modern terraced house.
Top evvy: an appreciative description of a woman with a plentiful bosom. “Ere look at that, Darren, she’s well top evvy.”
Ump: to be disappointed or angry over the outcome of a particular circumstance. “When Tracy woz sacked from ’er job at the co-op, she got the ump.”
Vacher: a document which can be exchanged for goods or services. “I got a vacher to get in cheap at Forp Ark.”
Wanned up: tense. “I’m all wanned up at the moment.”
Wawazat?: I beg your pardon.

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