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Otter (adj.): very pleasant weather (Yorkshire).
Participate (v.): to expect your father at any moment.
Perfect (v.): how Irish cats get pregnant (slang).
Philander (proper name): HM the Queen and her husband.
Piccaninny (n.): the British system for appointing Prime Ministers.
Pokemon (n.): a Rastafarian proctologist.
Polaroids (n.): an unpleasant medical condition that affects arctic explorers.
Problematic (n.): an unsatisfactory loft conversion.
Prosthetic (n.): a lamentably inadequate call girl.
Pubescent (n.): intimate deodorant.
Punish (adj.): a bit like a pun.
Rectitude (n.): the formal, dignified bearing adopted by a proctologist.
Sanctity (n.): a multiple breasted French lady.
Shambolic (n.): a counterfeit testicle.
Shampoo (n.): a forged turd.
Squeamish (adj.): a bit like a squeam.
Stockade (n.): fizzy Oxo.
Tadpole (adj.): ever so slightly Polish.
Testicle (n.): a humorous question on an exam.
Tissues (n.): matters of prime importance (Yorkshire).
Twofold (n.): origami project for beginners.
Willy-nilly (adj.): impotent.
Virgin Olive Oil (proper name): Popeye’s fiancée.
Walrus (excl.): final exclamation from Russell’s driving instructor.

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